Wema Sepetu's boyfriend singer Whozu has confirmed that he was expecting a child with the former Miss Tanzania.

In an interview with Tanzanian online media, Whozu was asked whether the rumours were true, that he was expecting a child with Sepetu;

"Iliharibika bahati mbaya (Unluckily, We had a miscarriage)" he replied 

Adding "But people think its a lie. How do you guys take us?"

Whozu said the two will keep on trying to look for a child,

"I pray to God that the child is a boy. And his mother will be Wema Sepetu. I'll keep praying."

Sepetu recently shared a video on Instagram crying. 

"I do not know, that must have been about her things that happened before I met her," said Whozu when asked why Sepetu was crying

In another recent video, Sepetu shared a photo holding a baby, revealing that she was tempted to run away with it.

"Nilitamani nikimbie nae wallahy...(I felt like running with the baby) 🥺🥺🥺...Oh God please bless me with my Own some day...🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼."

Last year, Sepetu said she was forced to lose weight in her search for a child.

"I had to lose weight in order to increase my fertility rate as my uterus was surrounded by a lot of fat making it impossible to get pregnant."