Comedianne Teacher Wanjiku has been in the US for her tour. She is ready to come back home but says she has struggled a little bit with keeping her weight in check.

Updating her fans about her life in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Wanjiku said she had added seven kilograms.

"I have struggled to keep my weight in check for couple of months now since I started travelling, Let me tell you Maina🙆 I have gained like 7kgs🙆the angles that clintonmotendeshem had to take ndio nikuwe Satisfied 😂😂😂wewe! I have a couple of days before I land..."


Wanjiku flew to the US in August 17th.

"While I am away please behave!😂 America see you in a few!" She wrote

She has visited several states and while in Washington, she met up with Big Ted


"I visited @kenyaconsulatela in Los Angeles to catch up with our New Consulate Mr Thomas. We had a conversation about the Art industry and the issues surrounding Visas and passports! Visit them if you have any queries! Asante"

Wanjiku has also hanged out with fellow comedians, Njoro and Owago.