Makeup artiste Maya Mia is dead. She once dated Tanzanian comedian and actor Idris Sultan and singer Ommy Dimpoz but at different times.

In 2018, she was in a relationshipo with Idrsi Sultan. In 2020 she became close to Ommy Dimpoz.

Mia was born in Macedonia but had lived in Tanzania for over a decade. Reports say before her death, she had been living in South Africa.


Idris has shared photos of Mia on social media and throw back videos of themselves.

"💔 … Innalillahi wainna illaihi rajighun 🙈(We surely belong to Allah and to Him we shall return)."

Ommy Dimpoz on the other hand has changed his profile picture to a selfie on them together. he's also shared numerous photos they took while hanging out together in different occasions.

"Rip my love," he wrote

Reports indicate that she commited suicude.

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