Anerlisa Muigai
Anerlisa Muigai

Anerlisa Muigai is giving relationship advise to social media users who want to keep unnecessary suitors away.

The business woman says it helps to pretend that you are in a relationship when you are actually single in real life.

"One advice I'd give for free is that, if its announced that you are publicly single, sometimes it helps to fake that you are in a relationship." she adviced

Adding "Because it keeps of unnecessary people from coming your way and that helps you choose your person in peace."


Contrary to her advice, Muigai has introduced whom she's been dating on social media and when single, she's not been shy to admit it.

Her marriage with Tanzanian singer Ben Pol hit the headlines after the two split few months into the marriage.

In a recent interview with Kalondu Musyimi, the 'Moyo Mashine' hitmaker said he sought therapy after split with Anerlisa.

"What I believe is, if you had invested in that relationship, you just can't move on as if nothing happened. It doesn't go like that. I had to cope."

"I went for counselling. I can never deny."

So how important is it to see a therapist?

"Life in itself is challenging. You cannot just move on with life just like that, there's a lot of things you have to process."

"In life, these things happen and there are people whose jobs is to help."

So how long should one wait to move on?

"Until you feel you love yourself enough to love someone else, taking care of yourself and you are able to take care of someone else."

The singer advised to first know why they are getting into marriage before they do.

"What is inspiring you to be married? You have to ask yourself that questions. Wait for the right time when you feel deep within you that its time."