Fridah Kajala
Fridah Kajala

Fridah Masaja has this year been referred to as Harmonize's lover. But her acting career is older than her relationship with the Tanzanian singer.

Kajala, a mother of one has been hitting the headlines for her controversial relationship with the Konde Gang CEO.

But to give applaud her, Kajala has kept motivating her fans on social media despite the controversy.

Here are 15 quotes from Fridah Kajala that we are loving;

1. Maturity is when your happiness doesn’t depend on other people

2. Distance will tell you the real meaning of closeness

3. Remind yourself, Nobody’s built like you. You design yourself

4. Do not focus on the pain, focus in God’s promises

5. Be gentle, Every heart hides many wounds that never bleed.

6. Prove yourself to yourself, not others

7. Be kind to unkind people,they need it the most

8. Don’t let anyone who hasn’t been in your shoes tell you how to tie your laces

9. First, know your WORTH. Second, CONTROL your emotions. Third, Never settle

10. God never allows pain without a purpose

11. If it no longer resonates with who I am,it no longer exists in my life

12. Real is more attractive than perfect

13. Forever Humble Because what God gives, He Can also Take.

14. Kindness is luxurious, not everyone can afford it

15. When you forgive,you heal.when you let go,you grow