Vera Sidika
Vera Sidika
Image: Instagram

Vera Sidika bragged about getting many club gigs where she is tasked with the job of hosting. Sidika said clubs book her in advance and she's paid in full before she steps foot into the events.

On how she manages to keep getting club gigs, Mama Asia said she has learnt the art of being scarce, hence, creating value.

"One thing y'all don't understand is that I do club appearances for fun and to connect with my fans. Because that's the only place yall ever get to see me, coz I don't leave my house at all. The same way yall will go clubbing with friends for fun only, the only difference is that I get paid very well for it, and don't even get to stay more than an hour," she wrote on Instagram

Sidika said she also never goes anywhere in public unless she is paid to be there.

"You'll never randomly see me out partying at a club. Unless I've been paid to be there. I don't show up anywhere for free because I'm a brand and If I'm to be all over the place I will lose value. I stay scarce so my value stays up as it's always been for the last ten years."

"That's why clubs pay me to grace so my fans can connect and party with me. That's also why my events get super full and sold out. I bring numbers."

"I don't plan events, clubs reach out to my management. Ask for a rate card and pay in full before I set foot in it. "

"My concern is they've fully paid me, they make their money back from attendance, drinks, etc, and when they book Vera Sidika it's always 100% worth it for them. I'm good at what I do and not everyone can do it like I do."

Sidika is currently expecting her second born.