Tanzanian singer Nandy has responded to fans' questions who think she always travels and leaves her newborn behind.

"This question that I' asked when I post on social media, where is the baby or when do you breastfeed the baby. Do you think I'm acting when it comes to my family?"

She went on to clear things up for her fans.

"I am with my child every time and gets the best care from both parents like any other child, don't mix Instagram life with real life.On Instagram, you don't even see a quarter of my life."

She advised "Don't get confused by how much I travel and post on social media. Where I go, my child is there."

"I breastfeed her until she refuses by herself. "

Nandy concluded by asking fans to continue supporting her music and leave her private life alone.

Nandy welcomed her first born with rapper Billnass in 2022. The two also got married in a church wedding the same year.