Shakib Cham with Zari and with his alleged wife
Zari Hassan is being accused of snatching Shakib from his legal wife Shakib Cham with Zari and with his alleged wife
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Kiss FM presenter Oga Obinna is advising Shakib Cham's alleged wife to move on. 

Shakib Cham is dating Zari but a Ugandan, America -based woman Nalule Shamirah Sembatya came out to say that she tied the knot with Shakib in 2016.

After providing proof of their marriage documents, she said she had never divorced the 31-year-old.


Responding to the allegations of her boyfriend being married, Zari said "Clout chasers," 

Obinna has advised the alleged wife on two things.

"Don't worry, there are still many men in Uganda. Take another one, clean him up. Zari does not stay for long with me, either wait for them to break up or look for another one. We don't know whether the truth is."


Kamene Goro added "clearly, the streets are still the same."