Stevo Simple Boy
Stevo Simple Boy

Rapper Stevo Simple Boy is celebrating his birthday today, a time when he is also mourning the death of his father Antony Adera.

On this day, Stevo said he is giving the respect to his dad;

"The 28th of January is my birthday, but it has come at a time of sadness and many sorrows. On my birthday, I want to give all the respect to my father. I want this day to be respectful to you."


His management, MIB had first announced the death of their singer's father.

“It is with the saddest regret and sorrow that we announce the death of Anthony Adera, father to Stephen Otieno Adera famously known as Stevo Simple Boy.

As Men in Business (MIB), we feel the loss and we urge all fans and Friends to stand with him during this tough time.


More information to be communicated” 

Stevo later took to social media to ask his fans to pray for him.

Kwanza ningependa kuwashukuru kwa walio shugulikia account yangu ya Instagram... Na ningepemda Sana kuwaambia mashabiki wangu kwamba nimepata msiba ya kupoteza Babangu mzazi Antony Adera ni u chungu Sana kupoteza mzazi ila naomba mniombee na mnisapoti kwa huu wakati mgumu... Mungu awabariki."

(First of all, I would like to thank those who handled my Instagram account... And I would like to tell my fans that I have experienced the tragedy of losing my father, Antony Adera, it is very painful to lose a parent, but I ask you to pray for me and support me in this difficult time... God bless you.)

He added;

"Nashukuru Sana mashabiki kwa kunisapoti huu wakati wote ila nimepata msiba wa kupoteza Babangu mzazi naomba mniombee na mnipee nguvu wakati huu."

(I am very grateful to the fans for supporting me all this time, but I have experienced the tragedy of losing my father, please pray for me and give me strength at this time.)