Kevin Mboya
Kevin Mboya

A social media user by the name Kevin Mboya left Netizens worried over his whereabouts after he travelled to surprise his girlfriend.

He went silent after the tweet, leaving tweeps asking whether things were okay with Mboya.

"I have travelled all the way from Nairobi to Kwale to come and surprise my girlfriend on her birthday. I haven't texted or called her in the last 24hrs, she maybe thinks I forgot it's her birthday. I am waiting for her just outside her office to surprise her. I hope it goes well," he tweeted

After days of silence, Mboya is back but with a broken heart. In his update, he said;

"Niaje wasee Kevin Hapa nimefika poa kutoka kwale. Four days ago I went to Kwale with flowers but I have returned with them.

Of course hio inapass some message. Right now I am not emotionally okay, venye naweza washow exactly what happened," he said.

"Although physically naweza kaa poa, but I am not in a state of mind to share with everyone concerned about me what happened," he ends his update.

He shared this on Youtube  but some tweeps believe he is using the opportunity to get subscribers as he came back with the fresh-looking flowers.

But businessman Alinur has offered Mboya a trip to Dubai and ksh 700k.

"I predicted things will not go well for that Kid Kevin Mboya and after watching his video on his social accounts, I have confirmed my fears. Anyway yaliyopita si ndwele. I am looking for him. I am going to pay for his one week vacation in Dubai and give him KSH. 700k for his use."

Check out reactions to kevin Mboya's return.

Substone Osoro: Now I'm convinced this is a script. But it's your time to shine Mboya.

Edgar: Kevin Mboya has redirected us to YouTube. That is a smart move to open a youtube channel, I mean Twitter fame is short-lived because things happen so fast in these streets. I hope the guy gets the corporate offers!

Muhammad Onyango: Kevin Mboya has fumbled the bag. You are a man of the moment and instead of grabbing those corporate goodies you rush to open a YouTube channel? What i find off in this story is the fresh and intact flowers after travelling 550kms to Kwale and back? And more room to love?

Kemboi: Heeee...Kevin Mboya amepewa 700k na a free vacation to Dubai.The boy is winning

Mo Yusuf: BREAKING NEWS Finally Kevin Mboya is back heartbroken but alive and kicking Aye @KMboya_ when trying such simping maneuvers consult with elders first Anyways good to hear from you

Wesley kibade: Kevin Mboya will go down in the history of "Kevins" as the first Kevin to simp for a lady.

The rift republic: From twitter to Kwale, back again on TL now we switching to YouTube, Kevin Mboya is a showbiz genius.