Francis Mugane is the name of the man that had stolen Natalie Tewa's heart. Mugane is a travel, fashion and food enthusiast.

Very little is known about Mugane but his engagement to the content creator has put the spotlight on him.

Tewa announced the news this weekend during a staycation at a Nyali-based resort.

"In the spirit of love, I've got some news, I said Yes." 

In a past interview with Mpasho, Tewa said she is a sucker for love.

"I am always in a relationship. For now, I have been single for one and a half years. I am somewhere there and looking to get married. There is someone very new and we are just taking things slowly," she said.

"I wanted like 10 children when I was young now I am late for 10. I am like, where is the man to give me 10 kids? I now want to push five. But the way things are going, let me just have three or four. I love kids and I love nurturing."

Now meet the man who has stolen her heart;