Bahati's baby mama Yvette Obura and wife Diana Marua
Bahati's baby mama Yvette Obura and wife Diana Marua

Bahati's wife Diana Marua and his  baby mama Yvette Obura have shown signs of not being on good terms.

Recently, a fan asked Diana why she had not be flaunting Bahati's child with Yvette like before.

"Imagine if Mueni was there too. Whatever happened, I rebuke the spirit of separation in Jesus' Name! Let Peace reign and God Bring Back Baby Mueni home to her siblings," wrote the fan.

Diana's response left fans speculating that they were not in good terms.

"Let's not involve Jesus where there is ungratefulness, bitterness and spite. Love and Light," Read Diana's reply.

Well, asked about his wife and baby mama's beef, Bahati told this writer that;

"Kitu ya kwanza I think nitawaletea tu Diana, ama mutafute Diana B then you can ask her these questions , unajua mimi saa zingine nimekuwa offline."  (I will bring Diana so that you ask her these questions, I have personally been offline)

He continued,

"Nani alisema walikosana You know let me tell you you know friendship hata siku wanapatana, sikuuliza Diana, and it's upon them, the fact remains that I have only one wife and I her name is Diana Marua, the rest is history."  (Who said they were beefing? Even when they were meeting, I wasn't there and I wasn't told...)

Bahati sired his first born child, Mueni with Yvette Obura. He shares three kids with wife Diana. He has adopted one son, Morgan Bahati.