Harmonize on Friday night saved a fan who was being kicked out of the show by his bouncer.

While on stage, the bouncer grabbed a misbehaving fan out of the crowd and when he was throwing him out of the event, he was stopped by the singer.

"Security, tulia (calm down, security)" he said

"Huyo ni boss wangu, tuliyaaa (Thats my boss, calm down)" he added

Harmonize was entertaining his fans in Kilimanjaro.


This comes days after Harmonize revealed he didn't know who was collecting his music money in publishing platforms.

"I know you can’t believe this but I have never collected 1.USD from publishing all the music that I’ve been dropping over 7 years 🤔 Over 💯 HIT SONGS remember I own the Master but I don’t know who is collecting 💰 💰🤷‍♂️"

"Lol I need them Back Remember I have one 👧 I’m here for her Future I need Good Life 2 worked so hard to be here.

"Masemango Manyanyaso Matusi Kudhalilishwa then Some One chopping my money like that @mziiki you are responsible to show me a way to get all this is."

"If you don’t know then I’m leaving in the MORNING I will thank You For Having me 🙏"