Khadija Kopa and her daughter Zuchu
Khadija Kopa and her daughter Zuchu

Taarab singer Khadija Kopa is mother to singer Zuchu. In an interview with Millard Ayo, Khadija said she does not communicate with Diamond's mother, Mama Dangote.

"We don't communicate. Why should we communicate?" She asked.

Mama Zuchu then said she and Mama Diamond only meet at events where they greet and laugh.


"People speak everything. When did they see me even interact with Mama Diamond? We meet, we greet, we laugh, we have no problem at all. We have never beef. People really just talk. Thats what people do, make up stories."

"When there's a job, we greet when we meet at events but we don't normally talk. For what?"

Asked whether she advised her daughter Zuchu after she broke up with Diamond Platnumz, she said;


"I don't even get into her personal life. If she was married and then gets such small difficulties, I'll be there to advise her. But I don't even know that there has been such issues. That's her life."

Mama Zuchu has in the past denied ever knowing whether her daughter is dating Diamond Platnumz. She said she had never been introduced to any man by her daughter and that she will consider a man as her in-law if he brings dowry to the family.

"If Diamond was my potential son-in-law, he would have already come and given his dowry, then I would have called him my son-in-law."

She insisted, 'Diamond is not my future son-in law'