Ben Pol with Anerlisa
Image: Instagram

Tanzanian singer Ben Pol, who is the ex husband to Kenyan businesswoman Anerlisa is enjoying his single life.

In an interview with Millard Ayo, Pol said through his experience, he is able to give relationship advise.

"Being singe is being lucky, you shouldn't play about it," he said

He added"

"Ni Bahati ya mtende kuwa single."

"Watu wengi wanatafuta bahati ya kuwa single. Ni bahati adhimu. Kwa hivyo, ukiipata hio bahati, usiipoteze, usiichezee, usiifuje, usiitumie vibaya."

(It is luck to be single. Many people are looking for  such kind of luck of being single. It is a great fortune. So, if you get that luck, don't waste it, don't play with it, don't misuse it.)

He added that being single is a good opportunity.

"If you can be your true self in a relationship that's okay. Being in a relationship while being able to do your hobbies, your talent, being independent is like a certain kind of single ness while in a relationship."

In January, the singer revealed that he didn't enjoy his marriage to Anerlisa.

"To be honest, I didn't enjoy marriage, I didn't experience the best like other people do. For us, it was all about photos and posting on social media."

Asked whether he felt like she used him to brand herself, the singer said that marriage was on her bucket list and she ticked it.

"I am at a neutral place. No complaint but in my opinion, I think I brought completion to her. "

"The level at which I loved and dedicated myself to her, I had never done it to anyone else. Thats my first relationship that I went deep and I was okay. "