Danielle Mayanja with Jose Chameleone.
Image: Instagram

Daniella Atim, wife to legendary Ugandan singer Jose Chameleone had urged women to not settle for less days after the international women's day.

Atim who relocated to the US before her husband ventured into politics said;

“I normally don’t like to refer to myself as a feminist at least not the modern feminist. I like being the liberated traditional woman, one who does not conform to society’s standards and expectations."

“A real traditional warrior of God with the attitude and Grace to match it. Don’t settle for less ladies. Peace absolutely looks good on every woman. I mean, kasukali keko oba twongere?” she concluded.

Atim and Chameleone have been reported to not be on good terms but the two are yet to confirm the rumours.

Before his concert in Uganda, Chameleone told journalists who asked about his wife to call her and ask her how she was doing.

"If you miss Mama Abba, get her number, look for her on Instagram and have your chats there," he told journalists at a press conference

“This concert is not for Mama Abba and Chameleone. This event belongs to Joseph Chameleone. Those of you who are yearning for her can find her on Instagram. Call her, slide into her inbox, or whatever you want, but this event is strictly Legend Gwanga Mujje! Thank you,”