Chito Ndhlovu
Chito Ndhlovu

Kiss FM presenter Chito Ndhlovu is passionate about manhood and has taken the step to speak about it on his 'Manspeqtive' podcast. 

In an exclusive interview with Kalondu Musyimi, Chito said "I know what is it to be a man. I don't know what it is to be a woman. I respect and love women," he said

"but I think for me its easier to talk about me and my journey as a man and with other men, talking about manhood and how to navigate relationships, life and just general things  to do with manhood,' he added


He has in the past spoken on topics like 'why every man needs a tribe of brothers' 'why focusing on your needs first is not selfish' 'Not giving a girlfriend wife privilege's' among others.

With an experience of  ten years in the media industry, Ndhlovu advises people getting into radio to simply be themselves.

"It is hard to be someone else," he said


So, what happens to those days he is in a low mood and has to go on air?

"I listen to different songs for different reasons. I have songs for when I'm low, they lift me up, I have songs that give me perspective. I listen to gospel music before the show, especially when I'm not having a good day."

"I also listen to sermons, there are sermons for everything."

 He hosts the Kiss FM drive show with Cyd Wambui 

"It takes patience to drive people home. You might be going through something and then you are expected to be a certain way, because you've already created the friendship with the listener. There's a lot of time to prep. You don't stop preparing for the show. Even at night, I can have a dream and get an idea for a link. "

"Even when I'm sitting with my friends, I am preparing. It is also fun. Just learn to be yourself."

He describes his relationship with his co-host Wambui as sibling-like ' I am her big bro."

Chito has kept his peroneal life on the low key.

"When I did my vows, I didn't do it with anyone else. That's no one's business. She (his wife)  lives her best life and did not sign up for this," he said.

Adding "I owe no one explanation about my life."