Chris Brown
Image: Courtesy

Tanzanian singer Harmonize seems to tell the world that he is inspired by American RnB  star Chris Brown. 

Harmonize has changed his profile picture to that of the 'No Air' singer. Tanzanian media pundits speculate that he and Brown might be in talks. Others speculate that Harmonize is chasing clout.

His step comes days after his former mentor and boss turn rival Diamond Platnumz changed his profile photo to his late friend Costa Titch.

Speaking about it on Wasafi TV, Diamond said he was still in disbelief that Titch is no more.

"It is sad but the biggest lesson is that we are of God and to God, we shall return. We should be able to prepare for tomorrow, when death knocks, you are not able to see it coming, you are not ready," he said.

Adding, "When I heard he fell, I thought it was like the way artistes fall on stage and wake up to redeem themselves but he died. It shows that God can take us anytime, let's also live with people no matter how life might be challenging."

He went on to advise;

"The more the days go, the more the world changes, and you as yourself 'will I really go to heaven?' It's crazy but let's not give up."