Shakib Cham and Zari Hassan
Shakib Cham and Zari Hassan

Shakib Cham came into the limelight last year when Zari Hassan introduced him as her boyfriend. 

The two recently celebrated one year anniversary of being a couple.  Shakib recently advised men on their finances.

"Until a man is financially stable, he’s not happy !!" He wrote on Instagram


His male followers seemed to agree with the businessman.

Check out recations;

Kami Salaly: Hopefully when the financial stability comes. You will settle with who was there for you/supported you and not with whoever you want as some men do. We women are not bridges to your dream life. We stand with you/by you because we see a future with you.


Wahaamed: That’s only 35% of men in the world unfortunately.

Mugaruratimo: Financial stability is the goal 🤲🙏📿📿

Luckyfred: A gifted hustler! Just secure the bag 💼 ma king ✅

the wolfKampala: Tes that's true

In December last year, Shakib Cham's sister told Ugandan media pundits that her brother's relationship with Zari had been blessed and given a go-ahead by their family.

“We accepted her as our own and we don’t have a problem with the relationship. I am here with the two because love is about the heart, not the people. It’s a big moment for us as a family,” she told the media.

The sister went on to talk about how unfair the society is when a woman dates a younger man.

“When a man of sixty years old hooks up a teenager, critics keep quiet but you are shouting because Shakib hooked up someone whose somehow older than him? The bad thing is Ugandans have a lot of maalo (urban excitement),” she said.

Zari has in the past blasted trolls who keep talking about her age gap with her man.

"Let me see, you are probably miserable, probably single and miserable, you are probably dating somebody else's man.

You can't touch this man in the club, or you are just sitting with a blesser in the club, who is just, you know, doing all the sponsoring. Excuse me but, that's my man, okay! "