Bebe Cool
Bebe Cool

Ugandan star Moses Ssali aka Bebe Cool is not fasting this holy month of Ramadhan despite him being a Muslim.

A viral video shows the singer explaining that he has ulcers hence cannot fast. He added that he still gives back to the community.

In 2019, Bebe Cool also addressed the issue of him not fasting during Ramadhan.

"Most of the times I don’t fast because my health does not allow me to do so because at times I am on medication," he said

At the time, Bebe Cool said his family does the fatsing.

This year, the holy month started on the evening of Wednesday 22nd March and is set to probably end on the evening of Thursday 2oth April, athrough dates may vary.

According to HFC, "Ramadan is a holy month of worship, study of the Quran, prayer, and fasting. Ramadan occurs during the month in which Muslims believe the Quran began to be revealed to the Prophet Muhammad. "