Singer Mr Seed has been involved in a road accident. The singer has been left with injuries on his hand and legs, according to a video that has been seeing by this writer.

Mr Seed, his wife and some of their friends had gone to Nanyuki to look for land.

"I can't believe my husband is alive, never been this scared in my life," wrote Nimo

She then shared a photo of the accident scene and wrote;

"I don't know whether to be happy that some friends survived cause I can't stop crying because others lost their lives too. "

"Everything is blur. I just remember running and seeing them on the ground and begging him to wake up."

Nimo said good Sanaritans helped her to take them to hospital and had been taking the videos about the accident to send them to their family.

"The car they were in got into a bad accident. We were slightly behind them when we saw a crowd surrounding the scene." 

Nimo further added that her husband, Mr Seed had frusctured his pelvis  "He is given a strict two weeks bed rest, pray for us and the families of those who didn't survive."