Nimo Gachuiri and her son Gold
Nimo Gachuiri and her son Gold

Happy Mother's Day.

Mother's day happens every year on the second Sunday of May and today is no different.

Mother's Day honours the mother of the family or individual, motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society.


In Kenya, different celebrities have shared sweet messages to their mothers, their their siblings and their wives.

Others have celebrated their mothers in heaven.

Betty Kyallo: Everything I'm proud to see in myself I learned from you. Thanks for being the best mentor, guide, and example a person could have asked for!Your love has been a constant source of strength and support in my life.I love you mama! @jngii83 Happy Mother’s Day


Esther Musila: Mum, today I would have called you to wish you Happy Mothers Day and in your sweet little voice, you'd have wished me the same. Your the best mother anyone would ask for. I know your in heaven watching over me and I celebrate you Mama. I love and miss you so much. Happy Mothers day in heaven

Willis Raburu: Happy Mother’s Day. @ivynamu I have watched you transform and become even greater. It is an absolute blessing to watch you nurture and raise our children. They are blessed to have you not just as a mother but as an example of love, light, honor , kindness, compassion and wholesomeness! You are a great mom and an ever better human being. I love you we are all better because you are in our lives. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY NAMU TAMU

Ivy Namu: My motherhood journey has definitely made me appreciate my mum more, there’s literally nothing I wouldn’t do for her, she’s simply the best & has made my experience so much better; it’s really no surprise that she’s an amazing grandma as well, what a blessing 🥰🥹❤️💐Happy Mother’s Day to all Mama’s out there who are consistently showing up for your little ones & doing your best to do & be better for them. We’re all learning on the job & I want to remind y’all that you’re doing amazing & I’m so proud of you ❤️And to all the angel mums & mums in waiting, my heart goes out to you & I pray that God comforts, restores & meets you at your point of need🫂🙏🏽I hope you all feel appreciated today & everyday, Happy Mother’s Day

Joho 001: appy Mother's Day to every mother who wakes up in the middle of the night to check whether the kids are okay.To every mother who strives to be the best version of herself even while battling monumental challenges.To all the moms who work tirelessly to provide for their families.Your hard work and dedication do not go unnoticed. I celebrate and Salute you all.

Rashid Abdallah: Naomba leo tuwakumbuke kwa dua wenzetu wote waliopoteza mama zao na wale wengine walio ndani ya ndoa lakini hawajabarikiwa kupata watoto. Muhimu subra na kushukuru kwani Mungu ndio mpangaji wa kila jambo.

Alex Mwakideu: Of all the gifts that life offered, this was, is and will still be the greatest! I love you mom and I will always do. Continue resting in paradise. Happy Mothers Day. 

Jeff koinange: Happy Mother's Day, Nyina wa Munene and to my Sisters, Ciru and Wangui and ALL Mother's and soon-to-be Mother's out there.....Thank you for raising us!

Carol Muthoni: On this Mother’s Day, I want to express my gratitude for the sacrifice you have made for our family mom. God knows how much I envy you and appreciate you. Thank you for your continued support and love . I love you so much shosh Keilah

Rev Kathy Kiuna: Happy Mother's Day to my amazing mum, my Queen, a phenomenal woman who has taught us how to love God, to love one another , and how to be exemplary and disciplined. Thank you, mummy, for loving us and for teaching us the ways of God. We have watched you in good times and in stormy times, and you have always remained steadfast in your faith, unmoved in every storm. You have been the best example of a Godly woman and best mother, grandmother, and great grandma. Many generations call you blessed. Thank you for all you have done and continue to do for us. I love you so much, mummy, and may God bless you . 

Bishop Allan Kiuna: My sweetheart,when I met you and started dating you exactly 30 years ago, I had no idea of what God had in store for me. I had no idea that I had found a pearl of immeasurable value, beauty and grace. I thought I just got a good woman, but God kept unraveling you like a flower in bloom— the glory , the wisdom and deep love that is within you . Like the Proverbs 31 Woman, our children and I rise up and call you blessed. Just like Deborah , you're a unique woman who's not only bold, assertive, and obedient in both your personal and public life, you also lead by example. You have been proven faithful as a wife, a warrior, a prophetess, a partner, a mother, and in all things. You are a woman who wears many hats and fulfills many roles in life, Like Deborah you play an incredible role in the history of women and you are already becoming one of the most influential women in your generation. You are a worshiping warrior, a woman of valor who encourages others and finds strength in worship and in God. Many women have done excellently, but you surpass them all, and we celebrate you today.I celebrate your tenacity - No QuittingI celebrate your wisdomI celebrate your passion for GodI celebrate your humilityI celebrate your ferocious love for our kidsI celebrate your commitment to your callI celebrate your love for me, your hubbyI celebrate your love for God’ peopleI celebrate your generosityI celebrate your strength in adversityI CELEBRATE YOU , SWEETHEARTHappy Mother’s day my sweetheart! We are blessed to have lived in the same epoch of time as you and enjoy the beauty of your splendorHAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!

Dr Ofweneke: ooooooh The MATRIARCH HERSELF || The greatest Mrs. Stella Sande Oyolo || Our Mommy || Mum,If only we could clone your heart for the other people,Such and angel,Kind heart,prayer warrior ,blunt adviser,one of the only few remaining angels on earth || THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING MUM || I LOVE YOU SO MUCH AND HAPPY MOTHERS DAY||

Mashirima Kapombe: Mothers have a bombastic side eye.That one look that stops you in your tracks and you know what's coming. My mum's side eye is as fierce as her love & devotion to us. As fierce as her devotion to the belt and slipper and mwiko 😅 #happymothersday mum @angelakapombe You are my angel! Happy mother's day to all of you great mums ❤️

Edday Nderitu: Wishing all mothers the love and happiness you so richly deserve... happy Mother's Day!

Edday Nderitu and her kids
Edday Nderitu and her kids

King Kaka: Happy Mother’s Day Queen Elizabeth and Nana.Thankyou for every moment and thakyou both for being a Super Moms. Be blessed.We love you.

Corazon kwamboka: I think being a mom is the hardest yet the most satisfying job there could ever be. The unconditional love between a mom and her children is like no other love. Happy Mother’s Day.

Grace Msalame: Happy Mom’s Day🤍My highest calling which is undoubtedly the toughest job yet with the greatest reward🙌🏾Thank you Father

Nimo Gachuiri: The best gift my hands have ever held ❤️❤️ HAPPY MOTHERS DAY LOVES ❤️Sending love ❤️ to all those who are in tears today because their mums are not around 💔 , Remember their life was a blessing, their memories were treasure and you are loved ❤️❤️❤️

Zubeidah Koome: st Mothers Day without mum feels so empty, but deep down there’s so much to be grateful for. Mum, I’ll forever be indebted to you. I love and miss you so much ❤️Happy Mothers Day to you mama and to all mums, mums to be, god mothers and guardians, the world would not be as amazing as it is without you. I salute and celebrate you 🥳🥳🥳

Zubeidah Koome
Zubeidah Koome

Abel Mutua: asa how do you wish this one a Happy Mother’s Day? This one who looks like she is on her way to a form 2 class in Komothai Girls. Why do you look 15? Now people are out here looking at me like I’m a cradle snatcher. Ah wee Wacha bana. Ambia mtoto wako Akuwish. Wacha Mimi niwish Mama yangu.