The Ugandan presenters
The Ugandan presenters

Two Ugandan TV presenters have apologized to the public after a disagreement that happened live on TV.

The presenters, Immy Candice and Flavia Mawagi fell out when airing a story of an introduction ceremony concerning a Ugandan politician. One presenter felt the other did not have enough information on the story, which brought their disagreement.

One presenters then walked out of set and left the other to present the rest of the show.

The pair recently retuned to the show and apologized for their uncalled behavior. Their show was also rebranded upon their return.

Check out fans' reactions;

Princessdiane92: hat was so much out of the professional line and so childish of them..therefore appology not accepted

Kawumah34:But life can never be the same 😂😂 

Doreendamarine: they leave young talents with no work and the old ones stay on TV 😂😂😂