Tanzanian singer Nandy has addressed her beef with Diamond Platnumz and his media house following an emotional voice note she shared to the public asking them to stop sharing only negative stories about her.

Asked in a recent interview whether she has patched things with Diamond, Nandy said 'Those issues are in the past now. I didn't really have an issue with individuals but I had an issue with whatever they were discussing about me."

"I don't have a problem with anyone, everyone has the freedom to say whatever they want to say."

In a viral audio, Nandy trended after she took to social media to respond to Diamond Platnumz's media house for what she termed as constant slamming.

An emotional Nandy explainedwhy the singer's employees need to shade light to positive things she has been doing.

This came after the station's morning presenter said Nandy has lost influence among young people because she is now a married woman.

Nandy cannot advise my child," said the presenter

"A higher percentage of the youth listen to music, so if this artistes announces she is married, a bigger percentage of her fanbase is lost. When you get married, then many youth start to think you are no longer part of them," he added.

Responding to the singer's employee and radio station,an emotional  Nandy asked them to respect her craft. 








Respect the little I do if you have failed to hide your hate towards me," she said

In the audio that got the singer crying, the singer said Diamond's media house had been reporting negative things about her.

"Everyday, you've been writing bad things about me...I have been doing so many good things but when you hear someone insult me, you give them interviews so that they insult me even further through your mics, Whats the problem?"