The Murayas
The Murayas

Kabi Wa Jesus has described The Murayas as clout chasers.  This is after Kabi and Size 8 disagreed while having dinner at singer Betty Bayo's house.

As seen in the reality show 'Oh sister,' Kabi insinuated Size 8 and DJ Moh pretended to have disagreed while 'advertising their mjengo'

Size 8 said Kabi was slandering her by uttering such words adding that as a gospel artiste, she has never clout chased.

"The problem I have with Kiki is that Kiki is backed on lies and the father of lies is the devil." said Size 8

Kabi then said "Size 8 has kiki, sometimes she lefts the group. Goes to the mjengo site and posts Kiki there."

"Huwezisema sio kiki uachane na mtu kwa site."

Size 8 said as a minister of the gospel clout chasing is not allowed "Let me say this and Kabi don't cut me, I am serious, you slander too much and you don't know what you are saying."

Kabi Wa Jesus' wife Milly supported her husband that Size 8 had been clout chasing.

In another clip, Kabi is seen saying "Size 8 I told her the truth, she's a clout chaser, thats what she is. The Murayas, the whole family are a clout chaser."