Vera Sidika with Brown Mauzo, their daughter and their new-born son.
Image: Instagram

Kiss FM presenter Chito Ndhlovu is not convinced that reality tv star Vera Sidika filmed herself giving birth with a full facebeat and well styled hair.

Kwambox on the other hand says she's okay with the make up and Sidika's hair, whether in the labour ward or not.

"I think that is a staged labour session, I have seen women in labour, women who are in true labour have no time to think about their makeup. This babe filmed that thing then the real labour happened. I want the real labour video," said Chito

Kwambox added "I am okay with the makeup" But " This is a baby that has come to the world for the first time, so you're looking at your mum for the first time and they say mark that face but the face has been marked with makeup, the day she washes her face and wonders why the kid is not stopping the crying is because they don't recognize you."

Sidika recently confirmed the birth of her second born, a son, Prince Ice Brown. He was born two months ago. 

In a video documenting her delivery journey, Sidika said she had her glam team and a hair stylist at the presidential suite ward.

"I said I have to have my baby  in comfort as the queen that I am..."

"I also had my glam team here, I had my makeup artiste and my hair stylist and I was playing around before my surgery."

"The hospital has a menu, you decide what you want, every single day, I would order something different and the service is top notch and I'm so happy."

Sidika was also taking selfies with her husband Brown Mauzo while she was having the C-Section surgery. Sidika likened the hospital to a seven-star hotel in Dubai.