Triplets Ghetto Kids
Triplets Ghetto Kids

Ugandan dancers Triplets Ghetto Kids are set to perform at the grand finale of Britain's got talent following impressive performances of its 16th season.

Announcing the good news to fans, their social media post read;

"We are at the FINALS 🙏🇬🇧❤️ God is Great!-Thank you @bgt this is huge for us, for Uganda and for Africa! Thank you our British fans for Voting !To the amazing Team, Our Choreographers."


At the backstage with the dance group, judge Simon Cowell seemed to be enjoying a moment with them.

“I wanna be in the group, how do I do it?" he asked 

Adding "I’m not a very good dancer, will you teach me?"


In April, the dancers received a golden buzzer in the middle of their performance.

The manager of the Triplets Ghetto Kids dance group Dauda Kavuma a.k.a Teacher Teacher said they were in London for the first time.

“I have 30 kids that I’m taking care of, and we are using music, dance, and drama to make life better,” Dauda Kavuma said.

“We are 30 kids living in one house. One big family,” the kids said. 

"I just wanna say you're absolute superstars every single one of you... What you are doing is absolutely incredible and we are honoured that you've come to Britain's Got Talent," 

Cowell told them that they had lit up the stage, and the energy in the room and joy was incredible.

"I think it's incredible that you are so young. You found all the way and no fear, this is an audition we gonna remember. And it was brilliant. That's all the show is all about. And that's what the golden buzzer is for."