DJ Brownskin with his late wife.
Image: Instagram

Details reaching us are that Michael Njiiri popularly known as Dj Brownskin was arrested on Madaraka day, June 1, 2023.

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) investigators arrested him in a popular Kasarani club and is currently in custody at Kasarani police station.

This comes after police obtained an order from the Makadara magistrate's court to hold him for seven days to complete investigations.

He is being investigated for the offense in connection with the death of his wife, Sharon Njeri, 24, who died between the nights of July 29 and 30, 2022.

This is in relation to the viral video that spread like wildfire earlier this year where the  DJ was seen seemingly encouraging his late wife Sharon to take her own life.

In the video, a man behind the camera is heard asking the late Sharon Njeri to go ahead and mix the concoction.

She willingly does so and gulps the content as the man continues recording. Within no time the woman is seen writhing in pain before everything goes blank.

The man is alleged to be DJ Brownskin who had two kids with the late Sharon. Even though she took her own life in July 2022, it is not clear the motive behind the video being released now.

Although no legal action was taken against DJ Brownskin at the time, popular lawyer Danstan Omari opined that it was possible to charge the DJ with a felony.

Omari said that anyone who sees someone committing suicide and fails to take any action to stop or report the offense is guilty of a felony under Penal Code section 225 (Aiding suicide).

Brownskin himself opened up about the video in late April this year saying,

“Anybody that believes lies about you before hearing your side of the story was already looking for a way to be against you,” read a quote shared by Brownskin.