Citizen TV's Purity Mwambia

Citizen Television’s investigative journalist, Purity Mwambia has clarified earlier reports of being abandoned while in exile in the US.

In a statement on Saturday, Mwambia said that she is still carrying on with her career in total support of her employer.

"On Tuesday, I made remarks at a State Department forum in Washington DC narrating my experiences with a human rights group; experiences very well known to that group," she said.

"Just note, I continue carrying my career cross proudly with the total support of my employer back home," Mwambia added.

Mwambia went into exile in 2021 after doing the Guns Galore expose for Citizen Television.

Her investigative journalism work exposed corrupt police officers who gave their guns, uniforms, and handcuffs to criminals to commit crimes in return for a cut.

Following the expose, senior police officers assassinated her character, and she became a target for various government security agencies. She left Kenya, only to resurface in America on May 30, 2023.

Her appearance comes months after Kenyans questioned whether she was safe – and why the radio silence.

However, on Tuesday, Mwambia appeared at a conference organised by the United States Department of State to discuss the unique challenges faced by women in the news industry.

She was part of a panel discussion hosted by the Bureau of Global Public Affairs on 30 May 2023, and one of the sessions was on women living in exile because of their journalistic work.

“Thank you for this opportunity. My challenges are not very different from other investigative journalists in exile," Mwambia said.