Baha and Georgina Njenga

Georgina Njenga is confirming that she has found someone else after her split from former Machachari actor Baha, real name Tyler Mbaya.

Njenga shared a video confirming she has already gotten matching tattoos with her new lover. She got the initial 'A' and her new bae got her name's initial 'G'

"Soul mate," reads the rest of the tattoo

Responding to a fan who asked who her new bae was, Georgina said.

"I can't say much but he makes me happy. We already had our first matching tattoos by the way."

Georgina also confirmed to unbelieving fans that she and Baha broke up.

 "We broke up,”

“A lot of you guys are asking this question. This is the last time am gonna answer. We broke up and I’m in a new relationship with my new man,”

Rain started beating Georgina and Baha's relationship when the actor was accused of being a con. At the time, Georgina said Baha had gotten into gambling.

The actor also admitted to this at a press conference.

"I know all of you have seen whats goign on in social media, andoen thing I want to say is betting is a disease . Most people dont look at it that way and Im so glad I have so many people willign to help me. Hopefully afterwards I can give my story. I hope all goes well" 

"vijana such as myself there are certain reasosn that push you to do it, when it become sproblematic and most of the people hautarealize uanjau si kama ugonjwa inaku sumbua. You dont realize liek when push comes to shove. so if you have someone is willing to like come out on your behalf so thats really helpful" he contnued to narrate citign himself."