with Blessing Lung'aho
Jackie Matubia with Blessing Lung'aho
Image: Instagram

Jackie Matubia is self-loving herself while on a tour to South Africa. The mother of two who has hinted severally that she might have broken up with actor Blessing Lung'aho says she is leveling up.

To do so, the actress revealed that she is taking three major steps;

"Leveling up takes Isolation, separation and extreme focus," she wrote


Her cryptic message comes a day after she praised her first baby daddy.

Jackie shared a photo siting on a  Pilots chair and wrote. "This seat will soon be Zari's seat flying with her daddy"

She added;


"Mko na baby daddys pilots ama you can explain." she wrote 

Previously, Matubia had thrown shade at parents who don't provide for their kids.

"I will never understand how anyone can have kids in this world and live ever day like they don't exist."

On father's day, Matubia snubbed Lung'aho

“Happy Father’s Day, Happy, Sunday,” Matubia wrote adding the hashtag#Raisinggirils #Mamagirls.

Lung'aho has kept silent on the issue.