A judge holding handcuffs
Image: istock photos

Nollywood actress Eniola Badmus has finally spoken up after she took legal action against Nigerian tiktoker Okoye Blessing Nwakaego.

Eniola said celebrities are human too. This is after the tiktoker was sentenced to three years in prison after she called the veteran Nigerian actress a pimp.

A pimp is a person who controls prostitutes and arranges clients for them, taking a percentage of their earnings in return.

The Tiktoker pleaded guilty and was given an option to pay ā‚¦ā€Ž150,000 which is slighlty above Ksh 28,000 or three years imprisonment.

In a statement on twitter, the actress said;

"I will like to address an issue that has been plaguing social media platforms and online communities: defamatory statements about me. How do you wake up, go on social media and pull people down by making false/negative comments about them?"

Adding "This is someone you do not even know! Common! You have no single fact/evidence but will sit behind your phones and make a smooth video defaming my personality. Why? When I was a plus size, it was the height of body shaming, now on my fitness journey, same negative comments..."

She concluded "Celebrities are human too, we have blood running through our veins like you. No one judges your choice or approach to life in your corner, so why judge me on personal and human actions?"

Explaining why she defamed the actress, the Tiktoker said she did it for money "So, one of my friends said if I should come out and talk about Miss Eniola Badmus that he was going to send me N200,000 because I told him about my rent. So that was what prompted the video in the first place. So Iā€™m so sorry. I just did it because of the money. I was so desperate to pay my house rent.ā€