Hamisa Mobetto and her son
Hamisa Mobetto and her son

Tanzanian model cum businesswoman is tired of speaking about her son's paternity. Hamisa has for the longest time said that her second born son, Dylan Abdul is fathered by Diamond Platnumz. 

The WCB CEO has in the past said Hamisa is the only one who knows who the father of her child is.

Recently, Nandy's husband Billnass also shut down rumours that had been spread, to make fans believe that he was the father of Hamisa's son.


"Any woman cannot be happy to get associated by anyone whom she's never been romantically involved with. I have never been in a relationship with Hamisa. We were just very good friends at one point. Later on, we moved on with our lives," the rapper told Wasafi FM.

"I do not look like that child. But people have been meant to believe that. People don't choose those pictures at random, they choose photos that seem to have the same features as mine. If your aim is to pass a certain aim, its just propaganda."

He went on to say that Diamond Platnumz is the father of the little one.


"I know that the child's father is Diamond, he and I are in a good relationship."

Responding  to the paternity of her son, Hamisa said she would not been talking about the topic any longer as she has done that many times in the past.

"Nisingependa kuongelelea mtoto wangu he is only six years old, saa hizi anakua, there are things he will read online that I don't want, so I don't think it is good for his mental health,"

She added;

"That does not need an expalanation, naamini kinachoeleweka hakihitaji maelezo, and sidhani pia kama inakitu kingine cha kujielezea nadhani muda wa kujielezea usha pita."

She also refuted claimed that she was throwing shade at her baby daddy after sharing an emotional birthday message to her son.

"I was not insinuating anything, to be honest. It was a post for my son, who is my priority, My kids come first, so I only talked about how I am raising a son that another woman will be proud of.

"I didn't mean that any other man is not being raised right. I said what I am doing as a parent, as a mother, that I am raising my son, and hoping Inshallah that as a result of how I raise him, he will grow up to be a good man, huko mbleeni,"