Vijana Barubaru
Vijana Barubaru

Vijana Barubaru have teamed up with an industry newbie Shad Mziki to give us a brand new track dubbed Katunge.

"Katunge" tells the story of a village girl who had a child with her supportive boyfriend and they had a promise to marry each other. She passes her exams and qualifies to join university in the city. Her boyfriend agrees to remain behind and take care of their child, as he also chips in financially by selling his property (his cow) to assist her achieve her dream of a university degree.

This clearly is a community project with elders blessing her and they have high hopes of her succeeding in life after her studies, and above all come back to his boyfriend and child to start a life together. The song is a lamentation by the boyfriend, since Katunge got into bad company when she joined University, completely changed and is nowhere to be seen.

Vijana Barubaru is an East African music duo made of two young men, Mshairi Spikes - a rapper and spoken word artiste, and Tuku Kantu - a seasoned singer and songwriter. 

Having African roots, Vijana Barubaru believes music is a means of capturing, communicating, and passing on to future generations a snapshot of what society was, is, and could be. Soulful as music is, it is for the listener to consume as they please considering we are different beings each with a soul with unique desires of and views on the world, so Vijana Barubaru believes.

In addition to creating deep and entertaining music, Vijana Barubaru believes in mentorship and passing on the mantle to the generations that are coming. 

The group is on the way to become a household name.