Zari Hassan
Zari Hassan

Zari Hassan shared a photo wearing a South African designer's sweater. The designer, Gert-Johan Coetzee is a fashion artist who is known for dressing South African and international celebrities at red-carpet events.

A fans threw shade at Zari over her look just weeks after Zari revealed she had done surgeries to enhance some parts of her body.

"Leo shepu sioni shemeji," (I can't see your shape today Ma'aam)

She threw shade back at the fan "Ulipewa akili na macho, itumie vizuri. Nguo sio ya kubana. Yaani wakosa akili mnachosha."

(You were given a brain and eyes, use them well. This outfit is loose. People with the lack of brain are tiring)

Responding to another fan who assumed her outfit is fake, she said "F you and your opinion because Gert-Johan Coetzee gifted me this sweater some three years ago. Now take your need to shave a** outta my business Ms know it all."

In July, Zari admitted she had undergone surgery.

“What people say about me undergoing plastic surgery is true but I just removed the excess fat within my legs and tummy," 

Adding "For now, no matter how fat I get, my stomach and legs can’t go back to the previous size."