Cosmetics and beauty mogul Huddah Monroe.
Image: Instagram

Businesswoman Huddah Monroe has announced that she was robbed a whooping Ksh 2,570,499.00.

According to Monroe, it was a close person who walked away with the money but the Rich Beauty CEO still hanged out with them after the alleged robbery.

"Somebody robbed me $ 18,000 cash and I still hanged out with them like it never happened," she wrote on Instagram stories.

"Today I had to call myself for a meeting cause WTF. I forgive and forget easily, its insane, until they bite me again."

She went on to say that her weakness is that she cares too much and forget bad moments easily "And people around me take advantage of that. So I always just cut people off for good cause I'll forget what you did and embrace you like we cool again, then it happens again."

Monroe added that people she knows have robbed her several times. "Like someone I invited out opened my bag and was taking out my money while I'm sitting there imagine. As if I'm invisible. This life." she narrated

She said nowadays, people do not value friendships "They don't care about tomorrow, they first gain your trust then they attack.  Be careful out there y'all."