Image: Wikimedia Commons

Kenya Power board chairperson Joy Mdivo-Masinde revealed what cause the nationwide blackout from Friday night.

She said it was caused by lack of power at the Turkana power station which affected the supply.

"Turkana being down, means a lot of power suddenly is not available to the grid, so the limited power that is there has been prioritized and only some substations powered back up," she explained.

"A trip means we just need to sequentially power the grid back up, by switching on one substation after another until we are done." 

She promised that most parts of the country will have power by end of Saturday but warned that interruptions may occur during the weekend as the situation stabilizes.

“The engineers have worked all night long, and have managed to get our Turkwel power station to put more into our grid,” she said.

“Power will be back, at some point today, but brace yourself for intermittent supply until our engineers, God helping them, get the situation completely resolved,” she added.

Meanwhile, Transport Cabinet Secretary Kipchumba Murkomen after a a blackout hit the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA)

"I am really sorry for what has happened at JKIA with the blackout. There is no excuse worth reporting and there is no reason why our airport is in darkness," he tweeted

Adding "I will be announcing the decision we will make tomorrow 9am at JKIA after a meeting with the leadership of the airport. Once again I am sorry."