Vera Sidika
Vera Sidika

Vera Sidika has responded to fast-rising socialite Shakilla who claimed that the Queen Vee should now chill and breast-feed her kids as she has become a mother.

Shakilla said this in an interview with Mpasho on Thursday night.

"Vera is a mother right now, she shouldn't be comparing herself to people like us. Girl settle down, breastfeed your kids, we don't need you in the streets, you are done," she said

"Imagine I'm 20. Compare 20 with 33, My nyash is young, I can go."

Sidika has clapped back at Shakilla, saying she inspired the young socialite.

"The old nyash you bashing in public inspires you in my comment section," 

On the same interview, Shakilla admitted she had been a side chick.

"I dont think I can be in a relationship myself because I'm young. I'm 20 years. So I'm just like testing other people's relationships before being in my own," Shakilla noted.

"And then at the same time, I really want to focus on my growth. Even if it means being with other people guys to finance my bills, it's okay. I feel like relationships are really stuffy for me to have a boyfriend. Narudishwa nyuma. People know me as that street girl. I'm that girl that will twerk, dance for you everything so I don't want him to feel bad"