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Music is a universal language that unites people, and everyone should be able to enjoy it at their fingertips without the hindrance of data or subscription costs. 

On-demand listening :

Music streaming services offer unprecedented convenience and accessibility for music enthusiasts. With a simple click, users gain access to an extensive music library that caters to diverse music tastes. On Spotify, the platform's user-friendly interface and easy navigation makes discovering and enjoying music an effortless experience. The decision on when and what to listen to is in the user’s hands.   

Diverse Music Library:

Streaming apps bring users closer to their favorite artists and genres by offering a diverse music library. Through licensing agreements with major record labels and independent artists, Spotify has a music library of over 100 million songs, giving listeners access to an array of tracks and albums. 

Seamless Offline Listening:

Offline listening is not just a feature for Premium users, on the Free Tier you can download podcasts to keep you company on that road trip with spotty connectivity, or if you’re just looking to save your data. 

Personalised Music Discovery:

Completely redefining music discovery, personalized playlists and recommendations give users content that is specifically tailored to their preferences, making the listening experience more enjoyable.

Users can also share their musical experiences and playlists with friends through the social features, fostering a sense of connection and interaction. 

Empowering Artists through Royalties:

Music streaming services contribute to a fair compensation system for artists. Spotify’s free tier is ad-supported meaning the artists still get to receive royalties, without you having to pay a monthly fee.