Kenya’s latest cinematic masterpiece 'Mtaa Yangu' is featuring Makovo Mbatha (plays Gunner Kiprotich G), Sasha Orege (plays Wambui Kamau), Emily Nene (plays Catherine Njeri) and Mary Kinya (Nancy Lubanga).

This new Kenyan crime film will premiere on 6th, October 2023.

The action-filled film directed by Likale Washington Muyonga is centered around Kiprotich, a local gang leader and his gang members who harvest ‘tax’ from the locals. Residents of Mwiki Town take refuge and security from Gunner ’G’ - another crime lord. As if the unrest wasn’t enough for the locals, they start to receive eviction leaflets from the area M.P. (Okelo) played by Nathan Songa and the Governor who have an intention of creating foreign investment. Mwiki Town is engulfed in unrest as the residents demand for their rights and place of home. 

Gunner ’G’ is forced to get into a talk with the M.P who turns a deaf ear to the plight of the residents. An entitlement G feels betrayed, especially for the fact that he helped the M.P win and get into power illegally. After their heated meeting, the M.P plots G’s murder using two rogue cops: Lurther and Ben. 

G finds love in Catherine Njeri; a resident of the area. In an operation, Ras; one of G’s gang members, kills Njeri’s brother. With the knowledge that this might jeopardize his relationship with Njeri, he decides to bury the truth about her brother’s death unbeknownst of the guilt that would tear him apart. He decides to send Njeri to a medical school as a means of running away from facing the truth and his guilt. To save the residents of Mwiki and his relationship, G hatches a plan to quit his life in crime. However, he first has to rob money from the M.P. Will he succeed? 

Mtaa Yangu will be available at Westgate Cinema, Prestige Cinema, Century Cinemax Junction Mall, Century Cinemax Garden City, Century Cinemax Two Rivers, Century Cinemax Sarit Centre, Motion Cinema Greenspan Mall, Anga Cinema CBD, Anga Cinema Diamond Plaza, Anga Cinema Panari Centre, Rupa Cinema Eldoret, Mega Cinema Kisumu and Nyali Cinemax Mombasa.