In recent years, Nairobi's party and food scene has seen a remarkable surge in new restaurants and bars catering to various tastes. Amid this explosion, one place stands out as the latest sensation in town - Nairobi's premium lounge, The Vanguard.

Located on the 8th floor of Pramukh Tower on Westlands Rd, The Vanguard seamlessly blends opulence with comfort and style, ensuring an outstanding lounge and dining experience.

From its vantage point on the 8th floor, guests enjoy uninterrupted views of Nairobi's skyline. The lounge's interior exudes elegance, designed to offer an inviting atmosphere.

Plush seating arrangements have been thoughtfully designed with the comfort of patrons in mind, making every corner an Instagram-worthy backdrop.

We recently had the privilege of attending The Vanguard's exclusive Chef's Table event, held every Monday. This experience showcased the culinary skills of their award-winning chef and team, with each dish telling a story of passion and expertise.

On this evening, the menu featured a departure from the usual offerings, focusing on red meat with a touch of sweetness.

Our culinary adventure began with candied beef bacon served alongside a parmesan salsa dip. The crispy bacon, paired with the creamy dip, struck a perfect balance of sweet and spicy, setting the tone for the evening.

Moving to the starters, we enjoyed a Poached Egg Bruschetta, combined with creamy avocado and tenderloin steak, showcasing the chef's finesse.

As the evening progressed, we savored creamy pasta paired with succulent pepper beef, harmonizing the pasta's creaminess with the robust meat flavors.

The highlight of the evening was the T-bone steak, accompanied by a velvety mushroom and truffle sauce. This dish offered an explosion of flavors, perfectly complemented by some silky-smooth pesto mashed potatoes.

To conclude our culinary adventure, we indulged in a decadent dessert - a moist vanilla blueberry cake topped with ice cream, a sweet ending to an unforgettable meal.

For those interested in The Vanguard experience, reservation are encouraged however walk-ins are welcome, with an age limit of 25 and above and a smart-casual dress code. To secure your spot, call 0743760699.

But The Vanguard's culinary delights extend beyond the Chef's Table. If you desire a daytime indulgence, the establishment offers a business lunch from 12 pm to 4 pm.

If you’re on the hunt for post-work libations, The Vanguard welcomes you during their happy hour, Monday to Friday from 4 pm to 7 pm, featuring a buy 2 get 1 free offer on their signature cocktails.

Plan your visit today and savor the magic of Vanguard Lounge.