Mulamwah with Carrol Sonie.
Image: Instagram

Carol Sonnie, baby mama to comedian Mulamwah has admitted that she regrets going all out to please a man.

Sonnie said this during a Q and A with her fans on Instagram.

"Uweh niko hapa google fotos reminding me some silly things I did for love. Ghai I quit my job because of a MANNNN," she wrote

She went on to react to silly things women have done to please men. 

A second woman confessed to piercing her nose and getting a tattoo because he told her he loved such ladies.

"Hii stori ya sijui fanya this to prove you lve me wachia marehemu, men will embarrass you sis," she laughed.

Another woman told her how she reunited with her man after a five-year split only to be mistreated.

"Ghai pole aki, always remember a snake sheds its skin off to become a bigger snake,' said Sonnie

In a recent interview, when asked by media personality Kalondu Musyimi what his message is to his baby mama, Mulamwah said;

"I wish her all the best, everybody deserves the best and the aim of a breakup is to get somebody better, so I wish for her better."