Daddy Owen

Daddy Owen is wondering why criminals plan for a heist for years but don't plan how they would deal with the aftermath.

The gospel singer said this in a tweet while reacting to four suspects who have been caught after Ksh 94.9 million was stolen from Quickmart. 

He wrote;


"Criminals always spend years planning on how to steal but few to none ever plan for the aftermath, same fugitives. Hawa waliiba pesa but didn't plan where to stash it. Wacha niende church."

Owen then captioned on Instagram that;

"Uko na shida bila pesa.. na tena ukipata mingi bado uko na shida..Wacha niende church."


This comes after Ksh 9.1 million of the Ksh 94.9 million was recovered by police on Saturday.

Police said the four suspects were arrested in Rongai, Kayole and Thika Road in an operation on Saturday.

The car the suspects used to escape was recovered by police in Rongai while the owner of the car directed them to Njiru and Kayole where two suspects were arrested.

The DCI said “Oblivious that the truck they were to escort had minutes earlier snaked away, the armed escort team went to enquire from the management why the loading was taking too long."

“By that time, neither the truck nor the crew members could be traced."

Sh9.1 million out of Sh94 million that was recovered
Sh9.1 million out of Sh94 million that was recovered

Police said they hope to recover the money and arrest more suspects for prosecution.