Kenyan star Bien-Aime Baraza has taken to the COLORS’ stage, performing a single from his debut solo album; Alusa Why Are You Topless? Against a green monochromatic background, Bien performs True Love, bearing down on vocals, as he waxes lyrical about finding true love. 

Bien’s A COLORS SHOW performance is the fourth one and is more up-tempo, but sticks to the theme of love present throughout the other three performances by Lisa, Xenia and Karun, all under Spotify’s flagship Afro R&B arm, Tantalizers.

All the singles released so far are partial to R&B, which is the foundation of this partnership between Spotify and COLORSxSTUDIOS. 

Bien shared his observation on Kenyan R&B saying, “the (R&B) scene in Kenya is ever growing, evergreen and ever beautiful and I can’t wait to see what it holds.”

Taking to Instagram, Bien said it was all a dream "It was all a dream. I have been watching COLORS for years, so when @spotifyafrica called and asked if I was interested, it was a no brainer!"

Two more Kenyan artists will perform never before released singles.