Sylvia Ssaru
Image: Instagram

Rapper Ssaru Wa Manyaru has joined the trend of sharing what she desires as her marriage dowry.

The 'Kaskie Vibaya' hitmaker told online media on Saturday that her dowry keeps rising and is now at a billion Kenyan shillings.

"Let me tell you I want to tell my current bae, but of course, I don't want to get married right now. I want to wait a couple of years. But every year the amount increases, it's like a billion shillings like this," she said

She compared her worth to Khaligraph Jone's mansion.

"If you can spend that much on a house. Sasa kulipia msee ka mimi  billioni pia ni tatizo," she said 

Adding "I bring the table, Let me just tell you, I am not just a table, I am a full dining set in fact I am the food that you are going to dine on in that dining set."

Ssaru joins socialite Shakilla who gave her dowry demands inlcuding;

-Using nothing less than iPhone 12 pro max

-Pay for her makeup and outfit

-Pick up car must have a chauffeur

-Must be a good photographer

-5 star hotel

-$150,000 dowry price

-100 camels

-Shopping voucher of $4,000

-Real estate property under my name

-Range rover velar 2020

-Monthly babe allowance of $1,500