Mtumishii and Churchill
Mtumishii and Churchill

 Former Churchill show comedian Mtumishii is trending after a video describing how he was disowned by his own mother went viral. 

Mtumishii is seen in the video saying that his mother was not supportive and was chased out of his parent's home thanks to his comedy.

"She disowned me and told me to leave the house and never return. I went out," he said in the video.


Mtumishii then asked his ex girlfriend to lend him Ksh 5K to start a business. His father on the other hand had married another woman and would say he didn't have money.

"When my dad saw me at Churchill show, he was the first one to call me, he asked me 'Kumbe ilikua serious?'. My mum didn't believe it because she never supported me."

Mtumishii went on to mention witchcraft as a way used to try stop him.


"I later married a Kikuyu woman and my mother has been fighting that, to date."


Mtumishii is a former Churchill show comedian who staged his jokes together his friend Mchungajii.