Huddah Monroe.
Image: Instagram

Huddah Monroe has termed the Kenyan entertainment scene as trash after partying at a club this past week. 

She took to social media just days after arriving into the country and wrote;

"Entertainment in Kenya is trash. The club is full of spenders but the ambience gives funeral vyb, please don't party in Kenya."


She later clarified that its not about the clubs but the entertainment scene.

"Nah its not the club, the place was lit. But entertainment scene in Kenya needs revamping. Like people wanna spend, have fun but there's no vibe to make you even wanna step out," she said

She suggested that she might think of opening a club with VVIP status adding that Uganda and Tanzania have better to offer when it comes to the night life.

Just recently, she hinted that she might be off the market.

"Never have I ever thought a Persian man would take my heart & run off with it 😌….. 🙈" She wrote on Instagram after sharing a photo of her supposed engagement