Zari Hassan
Zari Hassan
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Zari Hassan shared a video on her Instagram stories with her daughter Princess Tiffah and it seems fans ran to her DM to point out that the little one's hair looked unkempt.

Hassan has clapped back at haters saying that she is letting her child be a child like any other.

She added that it is summer in South Africa and Tiffah was doing a lot of swimming lately.

"It is summer in South Africa. They might swim in school like three days in a row. She gets home, she does the same thing because we have a swimming pool. I'm letting my child be a child, I don't want her look perfect for social media," she explained

Adding "She is being a child and enjoying summer and having African hair like that obviously. But in the morning when she goes to school, she is well prepared and the hair brushed out."


Zari is a mother of five. She shares her first three kids with late Ugandan businessman Ivan Semwanga.

She shares her last two kids with Tanzania's Diamond Platnumz.