Huddah Monroe.
Image: Instagram

Huddah Monroe wants to keep her circle shorter come 2024. The businesswoman, through her Instagram stories said that she won't even be giving hugs unless its family.

Monroe said this is due to the fake love people have been showing each other. 

In another Instagram story, she termed her 2024 as a savage year where she will practice to be wild.

"That savage year is coming. To even see a Hello from me, you gotta be very important. I'm gonna be rude, wild, proud cause I deserve to be that way. I used to be! I just calmed down to learn people. And most don't deserve love."

Meanwhile, Huddah made headlines this year when she retracted her love for President Ruto.

"Ruto will be the worst president that Kenya has ever seen. Kenya is going back 30 years because all the money is being packed and taken out of the country. The worst is yet to come. Lesson learnt; never give a son of a poor man the presidential seat," She wrote on Isntagram

She had previously praised him mid this year, showering praises for him “Ruto still remains one of the presidents with balls! He is seeing 10-20 years from now! The people on the streets are seeing lunch and dinner. We can’t win! The poor will remain poor for many years and the rich will only get richer,” Huddah wrote.