Carol 'Sonnie' Muthoni

Carrol Muthoni Ngeke aka Carrol Sonnie, has advised a female fan on her Instagram stories who opened up to her about getting an abortion.

Carrol had asked her fans to confess and send anonymous messages to her. a fan wrote to her.

"I'm sorry, hide my identity, I'm six weeks pregnant, from Embu, and the father denied the pregnancy. I left his house and I'm planning to do an abortion next week, the 27th December 2023."

Sonnie warned against getting an abortion as she advised the fan to keep the pregnancy.

"Hey, do not abort. I know denial is the worst thing feeling ever but let that kid grow and you will be surprised how God loves you both. Mama Keep the pregnancy."

In November, Sonnie opened up about quitting her job because of a man.

"Uweh niko hapa google fotos reminding me some silly things I did for love. Ghai I quit my job because of a MANNNN," she wrote

In a recent interview, when asked by media personality Kalondu Musyimi what his message is to his baby mama, Mulamwah said;

"I wish her all the best, everybody deserves the best and the aim of a breakup is to get somebody better, so I wish for her better."